Client Questionnaire

BisonWebMedia’s aim to make a dependable and effective design for your website.

As with any project it is important to understand some of your needs and desires for this project.

Who is your audience?

What does your audiences want when they visit your website?

What do you want them to do?

Tell me about the typical audience for your website?

Do you want your audience limited to only these?

Why are they visiting your website? What’s their #1 goal?

In the next three sections, list FOR-PROFIT websites you like.

In the next three sections, list NON-PROFIT websites you like.

List out the pages you must have on your website.

Do you have any concerns or worries? (This is an important to address)

To call your website a success, what would need to happen?

What is your timeframe and desired launch date for your new website to go live?

Do you have anything else to add?

15 + 1 =